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Painting, Industrial Coating & Dry Wall Services

•Application in the industrial, commercial and domestic environment to a wide variety of surfaces.

•Repair and prepare surface to be painted; removes dirt, scales, stains, rust, old paint, grease and other materials using solvent, hand tools or power tools as disk sanders or power brushes.

•Application of paint and coating, prime and finish on all kind of surfaces, paint to walls, floor, ceiling, interiors and exteriors of buildings; furniture, equipment, pipes and other fixtures; using different methods as spray gun, rollers and brushes.

•Repair, modify or install new dry wall with the best quality and details.

•Application of waterproofing to building walls; cuts old caulking compounds and install new, install trim, wallcoverings and any other decorative surface.


Painting inside or outside of industrial commercial building 

Painting of Pipes, Tanks, Filters, Pumps & NH3 System

Painting Structures and Surface Cleaning

Evaporative Condenser, Cooling Towers, Tanks, Air Dryer 

Painting of pipes  MARKING AND LABELS for Flow and Service